Winter Recipe Project 2015

Hi there!

Welcome again to my little corner of the blogosphere….er, foodie blogosphere / food intolerance / photogosphere 🙂 .  Since I’m using this blog to explore photography as a new hobby and I live in New England year round (aka, a place with some of the darkest, coldest, longest winters ever), I have decided to dive into a biweekly food photography project to keep myself motivated and creative this winter!  We have a great North-facing room in our home that has pretty light almost all day long.  It will work perfectly for this.

also tend to eat 80% Paleo, 10% whateva the heck I’m diggin’ at the moment and 10% chocolate 😉.  I have struggled for a couple of years now with both gluten and dairy (casein) intolerances and after a couple trials of grain free eating, I just know my body thrives on this type of diet.  We all have our temptations though, right? And I’m all about moderation and living it up, so you’ll see plenty of “regular” recipe here as well.  As I have already mentioned on my About Me page, I love to cook. So, I figured what the heck – might as well combine my love of photographing, cooking and eating 🙂