Gluten Free/Dairy Free Recipe Faves

Since one day my “go to” meals posts might get lost in the fray, I thought I’d dedicate a page to the simple recipes I rotate throughout the month to feed my husband and me.  I enjoy elaborate meals and fancy recipes, but for those of us that also work 8-5, do house chores and laundry and all that – there’s no time for a daily fancy recipe. Am I right?  So, here are some of my faves.


  1. Pumpkin Pancakes from Practical Paleo – I make a double batch of these on the weekend, and they make about 16-18 pancakes, which for us equals 4 servings.  They reheat well!
  2. The Breakfast Smoothie that I reference in this post. Yum.
  3.  Eggs. Eggseggseggs. I love them. Fry ’em up, scramble ’em, throw some veggies in there, whatever. LOVE.  Mini crustless quiches are easy, too. Like this one.  Just throw a bunch of eggs in bowl, add whatever seasonings and veggies you want, bake ’em for 18ish minutes at 350 degrees. Done.


  1. To be honest, almost all of my lunches are dinner leftovers. I’ve found this to be the easiest way to tackle this meal time as a GFDFer. If you’re quick on time, whip up some tuna salad. I usually end up doing that on Fridays, when I’ve run out of leftovers 😉
  2. Or, whip up a salad.
  3. Or, whip up some of these awesome turkey burgers.


  1. Banana with peanut butter…or, my favorite, dairy free CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER. Omg. So good.
  2. Sometimes I’ll have a few pieces of organic lunch meat, usually the Applegate brand, and some veggies and hummus or guac or a piece of fruit.  I like to try to get some protein in at least ONE of the TWO snacks I usually have per day.
  3. Leftover chicken? Leftover tuna?
  4. Protein shake, when I have protein powder on hand. Love this one! This is the only dairy free protein powder I’ve found that I can stomach with just coconut milk.  All those vegan ones, no offense to those who love them, sort of taste like dirt.  The Vega brands are OK.


  1. Again, see this post of mine for spaghetti squash marinara, turkey burgers, and seared chicken breasts – all of my easy “go to” meals.
  2. Other easy meals I love include this paleo crock pot chili recipe, and this crock pot stew recipe (love her stuff), with either beef or venison, and I recently became a huge fan of these quesadillas. I, of course, added chicken! This recipe takes a little prep, but it’s worth it.
  3. Oh, and when all else fails and you’re, just throw a whole chicken into the crock pot on top of a few carrots, season, and leave for 8 hours on low. So easy, so many leftovers.

Hope that helps when you’re in a pinch! Like I said, they aren’t glamorous, but they’re realistic and actually pretty tasty.


P.S. Here’s a link to my Pinterest board where I keep links to a few of my favorite paleo and/or gfdf food bloggers!