About Jenna

Well, hello there!

Thanks so much for visiting my little corner of the ‘net!  I have felt a calling to write since I was a young adult.  To write what, exactly, is the question.  And fortunately for you, I’m still on a journey to figure out the “what”.  So, while I can’t promise you any magical life changing writing themes over here, I sure can promise you some amusing musings of my daily life.

Oh, and more specifically…

  • I’m 27 and happily married to a wonderful and beyond satisfyingly hysterical man. I have honestly had to ask him to stop making me laugh before because my stomach hurt. That’s love, right?!
  • I have two cats – Bella (aka Fatty, Chubchub, Paul) and Lily (aka Lily).  In case you can’t tell, Bella is quite chubby and for some reason my husband affectionately calls her Paul. She’s also not that into humans, but she tries.  Lily is the affectionate one and is currently in my lap purring while I am writing this post and listening to Christmas music. Before Thanksgiving. I totally owned up to it, but judge if you want.
  • I LOVE cooking and have recently gotten into photography and hope to use this blog as a way to document my journey through both hobbies. I have a Canon T5i and a 50mm prime lens.
  • I also love reading and have a soft spot for young adult fiction.  I tell myself that means I’m still young at heart…
  • Oh yeah, and I can’t eat gluten or dairy – so that makes things fun too 😉

Hmmmm. That seems to sum me up in a nutshell.  Oh, and speaking of – I don’t really eat many nuts. I don’t digest them well. TMI already? Eh, whatever, my blog title relates to food right?


IMG_5883prof pic-2


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