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Easy gluten and dairy free meat (venison and beef) and vegetable chili!

Well, hello out there!

Nothing too crazy has happened these past two weeks. I started back up at the gym after a month-long hiatus due to a nasty virus, did a HUGE Costco grocery shop, cooked a buncha stuff. The usual.

Tonight for dinner I made Laura Fuentes’ ALL MEAT VEGGIE CHILI – PALEO CHILI RECIPE (link).  I usually spruce up recipes a bit, but to be honest – this one really doesn’t need much. I used more of the zucchini and carrots, didn’t use the celery, used 1lb venison and 1lb organic ground beef, and subbed in 28oz of Muir organic roasted diced tomatoes, instead of the 15oz suggestion.  Overall? This is my favorite chili recipe right now. My bod has some trouble digesting beans, so filling the pot with veggies is the perfect alternative!

And, voila! Dinner in 1 hour or less, and leftovers for a few days!





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